Q1:is it safe to register & buy from here?
A:it's securied by rapidssl. it means all your key activities here are encrypted .
Q2: how could i pay ?
A: we works with paypal . all purchasing activities are protect by paypal buyer's protection . 
Q3: what is the deliver time? How if the sword is damaged during the shipping?
A:The sword will be shipped out within 3 days . The deliver time is about 7-12 working days, China EMS express door to door service.
Q4:how could i cusomize my sword. 
A:we've carefully listed all the options on"personalization" page . select the parts you want to customize , our system will work out the costs the same time.
Q5: could i polish a katana blade myself?

 yes ,you could try .here is a instruction. but it's not easy . may cost you years to practise

#1First, choose polishing stones according to your sword to grind and polish.
#1, Kongo-do >>400
#2, Binsui-do >> 400
#3, Kaisei-do >> 600
#4, Chunagura-do >> 800-1200
#5, Komanagura-do >>1500-2000
#6, Uchigumori-do 4000-6000
2: Split Hazuya into a small piece (the tip of the little finger size), and make it thinner by grinding it with #3, Kaisei-do and #6, Uchigumori-do.
After grinding your sword by #6,Uchigumori-do, polish the part of Ha with Hazuya by the finger (thumb) cushion.
3: Split Jizuya into a small piece (the tip of the little finger size), and make it thinner by grinding it with #3, Kaisei-do and #6, Uchigumori-do.
After grinding your sword by #6, Uchigumori-do, polish the part of Ji with Jizuya by the finger (thumb) cushion.
4: Wrap Kanahada up in Yoshinogami paper, then lacquer the filtered liquid from paper to the blade of your sword and polish it with cotton wool etc.
Kanahada should be stirred up fully before using.
5: To get Tojiru(liquid), make an oval Hazuya, the same size as 2) and 3), and grind it with #6, Uchigumori-do.  
Then to make Ha shining and white and to make your Hamon clear, grind the part of Ha with Tojiru by the tip on the thumb.     
This process is called Hadori.
6: Migaki-bo. This is used to polish Shinogi and Mune.
First knead a small quantity of Tsunoko with water, rub it on Shinogi and Mune to remove stains and wipe up the stains.
Then polish it with Migaki-bo after making a smooth slide by tapping with Ibota wrapped in a piece of close.
7: Place a piece of paper on Narume-dai on which put down a thinly finished rectangular Hazuya to grind Narume(kissaki).
Q5 :What's clay tempering(how to make a hamon)
a5:Clay- tempering is a traditional way of quenching of Chinese swords and Japanese swords,dates back to hundreds years .
 Thicker clay is applied to the body of blade ,resulting different cooling rate. The cutting edge becomes hard, rest parts of the blade remains flexible.
 It helps absorb shocking at battle . And also leaves beautiful hamon 
Question7:Does the blade continue through the handle for added strength and stability or does it end at the handle?
Answer7:All our katana blades are full tang,the blade has the "added strength",comes through the handle and stability
QUESTION8:how to maintain &store your katana
1.Do not subject or leave your sword in high temperature areas or in direct sunlight. Store the blade in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.
2.Keep a light coat of oil on your blade when not in use. A heavier coat is necessary for long term storage.
3.When handling the sword, never touch the blade with your bare hands or other wet or moist materials . If done, please clean and oil your blades immediately.
Maintaining your Katana:
The saya of your katana is finished in many coats of  lacquer. To preserve the sheen, the scabbard needs only to be wiped occasionally with a very soft cloth. Handle the saya only by holding the wrapped section please
Blade Maintenance:
1.First, use soft cotton cloth to remove oil from previous maintenance, holding the edge away from you and working very carefully to avoid injury. 
2.Then tap the powder ball lightly against the blade every two inches or so along its length, dusting the blade very lightly with powder. (please neglect this tips if you don’t have a powder ball ,but do make sure clean all oil up)
3.Apply a few drops of oil along the length of each side of the blade  cotton cloth to spread the oil evenly over the blade. Be sure not to touch the blade again .
Stain&light rust Removal
Stain Removal - when your katanashows the beginning signs of rusting, there are a fewthings you can do to restore the condition of your blade to its original.
When the stains are light, try using diamond liquid Apply a few drops on a clean soft cotton cloth ,polish blade with it . 
 When stains/rusts are heavy, It is difficult to remove .you may need to get a new blade .